“You are a criminal”, “You are not one of us”, “We are more valuable than you are”, “You were born in the wrong country”. These are the sentences Iranian hear everyday. Of course, no one talks to us like this, but that’s what we are being told. That we are just a bunch a criminals and we must be punished for the mistake that our fathers made 40 years ago.

After Islamic revolution, United States and its allies closed the door for financial transactions. Then, most of services that are being provided worldwide. Of course, Iran government never took a serious action but to make people wishing death for the Federal and their allies. Slogans such as “Down with USA”, “Death to USA” and so on.

The censorship from inside and the sanctions from outside became a regular thing for us a long time ago. Nowadays, even a 7 y.o kid with minimal knowledge of tech knows how to by-pass it, which makes access to adult websites a lot easier.

These unnecessary laws created an opportunity for middlemen for transfering money to outside or vice versa. They take even up to 15% of transaction amount for transfering. We have to fake our identity. Most of people who get a chance immigrate to other countries.

And what for? I still wonder how did these sanctions affect government’s power or reduce its dictatorship or undoing the revolution? It only affected people’s life quality and of course, brought bilions of dollars for some. The revolution was something done by our fathers and grandfathers. Most of them regret it, yes. It brought a war to the country and killed millions of the young. Even, these sanctions (and other unnecessary laws) still kill hundred of people in the roads because of very low quality cars. Not to mention dozens of social limitations, which makes it fucking hard to live here.

We did not choose to be born here, we were not born free like the others. I don’t expect changes from U.S. government laws, specially with that clown on the job.

Of course, anyone can have their services (specially if they are free) in their own ways. But it’s not about what’s right, it’s about what’s fair. It’s U.S. legal right to ban every country they don’t like, but it is not fair. It is not fair to ban 80 million of world population, and for what? Because we were born Muslim (and did not choose to be one)? Because we were born in Iran? Because we can’t afford to create another fuss in this mess? Our country is slowly dying, because the resources are ending.

We were not born criminals, you are making us look like criminals..